Heart Transplant.


The four words above are the headlines to a defining series of events that forever changed who I am and how I live my life. Today I speak to inspire others to face and overcome their biggest obstacles.

Before Cancer Diagnosis, at 200 pounds

Heart Transplant

Post-transplant, Ironman finisher

Today I’m someone that my old self couldn’t possibly imagine. 

Through the miracle of a donor heart, I’ve not only overcome the devastation of cancer and heart failure, but have dedicated my life to honoring the gift that my donor has given me. I live each day in memory of all donors, I race to keep going, to raise awareness, and to say thank you for one more day.


My goal is to share my story with as many people as possible, so that those who are facing what they see as insurmountable odds, can push themselves to ignore the mountain in front of them, and just take the first step.

“Derek’s speaking style is inspiring, moving, motivating and relatable. He was able to to tailor his keynote to our themes to create a powerful and memorable highlight during our conference. Our teams still quote his talk in their daily business.”



—  Logan Stout - Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Speaker,
Founder IDLife LLC and Dallas Patriots Inc.


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