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FIND your purpose.

DEFINE your mission.

CHANGE your life.

Unleash the unwavering resolve to power through life’s storms and achieve the goals you’ve always wanted by unlocking the reservoirs of hope, honor, and gratitude hidden inside you.


Before Cancer Diagnosis, at 200 pounds


Heart Transplant


Post-transplant, Ironman finisher

Today I’m someone that my old self couldn’t possibly imagine. 

Learn how an out-of-shape, overweight workaholic discovered the ancient Greek and Hawaiian concepts that allowed him to cheat death (twice), bounce back after getting fired from the company he started, and move on from a failed marriage to start a new family, become a dad, find success with multiple new businesses, and conquer the toughest single-day endurance event on the planet.

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“Derek’s speaking style is inspiring, moving, motivating and relatable. He was able to to tailor his keynote to our themes to create a powerful and memorable highlight during our conference. Our teams still quote his talk in their daily business.”


—  Logan Stout - Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Speaker,
Founder IDLife LLC and Dallas Patriots Inc.

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